Desert Wolf 1Edit

James the Desert Wolf lives in a desert. He suddenly sees iguanas arrive and take over his land. He eventually fights for his land back and marches towards the Iguana Castle. LINK

Desert Wolf 2 Revenge of the Iguana KingEdit

It takes place 10 months after the original Desert Wolf. After James killed the iguanas you'd think they'd be gone but they have returned as zombies! This game is different from the original game because it features a new gameplay mechanic where James can use his bazooka to transform into a turret or a robot.


Desert Wolf 3 The VengenceEdit

Desert Wolf 3 is the second sequel in the saga featuring brand new graphics for Desert Wolf and two new companions for him. A shapler and a blockler. The iguanas were done for until some of the secret underground iguana eggs hatched and they grew up over the time of Desert Wolf 2. They plan to resurrect their parents and let them kill Desert Wolf but in order to do that they need to mine for the stones but they had a problem. There weren't enough iguanas! Then they found a species called the shaplers. They enslaved them but one escaped and told james the news and he went to save them.



This is a future Desert Wolf spinnoff game starring his soon to become sidekick-rival Cy-Fox. Not much is know about it other than Cy-Fox's backstory.

Desert Wolf scene creatorEdit

Desert Wolf scene creator is a game where you make your own Desert Wolf scenes.